Alley Pond Nurseries is a full service Landscape Design/Build firm. We will create a concept and design to suit or clients’ needs and wishes. That concept then becomes a plan. Alley Pond Nurseries will then see that plan implemented from start to finish. We handle virtually every landscape consideration.

Concept and Design Process

Our creativity is what drives us. Let us transform your dreams for your home into a reality. Whether bold and grand, elegant, or understated, Alley Pond Nurseries designs plans to suit our clients.

Finalized Plans

Alley Pond Nurseries will finalize plans for village or town submission and approval.

Site Work, Masonry, Construction, Decking, and Planting

We operate all phases of construction and project supervision. Tennis courts, pools, pergolas, driveways, patios, retaining walls, drainage, outdoor lighting and nightscapes, grading, sprinklers, decking, and of course planting are all handled by Alley Pond.

Seasonal Planting and Decoration

Seasonal color such as annuals and perennials are always an exciting and fun way to touch up an existing landscape.

Affair Planting and Decoration

Alley Pond Nurseries will help you achieve the look you want for your property for that special occasion. Whether it is a wedding, anniversary, graduation, family gathering, or you just want to host a special get together, Alley Pond Nurseries will transform your property into the perfect location for your memorable affair.

Property/Landscape Management

Landscape Architecture is a time art. Plants, like people, grow over time. All landscape plans must either accommodate the future size of its plants or their current size. Alley Pond Nurseries knows that certain plant material must be maintained annually to ensure proper growth in the future and proper proportion in the present. We offer hand pruning services to keep your landscapes and plants looking as beautiful as the day they were installed, even years after project completion.